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As water heaters age, they can start to break down due to simple wear and tear. Sediment accumulation is a common cause of deterioration, while rust and corrosion can also cause leaks in your water heater. Whatever the case may be, if you notice any signs or symptoms that could indicate your water heater is breaking down, simply give us a call at Rialto Emergency Plumbing and we can send a technician to take a look at your unit. From emergency water heater repairs to new water heater installations, we have all of your needs covered!

How to Replace a Gas Control Valve on a Gas Water Heater

How to Replace a Gas Control Valve on a Gas Water Heater – Water Heaters 101 A gas control valve is one of the most important parts of a gas water heater. Unfortunately, gas control valves can fail and leave your water heater useless. Today, I’m going to show you how to replace the gas control valve on your water heater. This isn’t too hard as long as you take your time and pay attention. Replacing your own gas control valve can save you a lot of money!

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